Why such a weird name - Twisted Dog Theatre? I taught myself to twist balloon animals for my little kid. I found this to be easier than I expected. And it brings lots of joy to everyone, it could fix a bad day in a blink of an eye. This exact lightness, happiness, momentary joy, created for the child, for the sake of their happy sparkly eyes, I wanted to express in my theatre's name.
Catherine Maleikova
Twisted Dog Theatre's Executive Producer
Twisted Dog Theatre started with a big dream.
The dream was to start a theatre in Toronto that could entertain families with children by showing them the best performances, selected with great love for the little audience. We don't just put on a play, we first of all select it as parents that want the best for their children.

We want this theatre to become a prominent spot for family entertainment in our city. We select only the most cherished and captivating stories and turn them into performances.

We treat this theatre as a family business, and just like any family business, we put all our time and energy into it.

Twisted Dog is a family run theatre for families.

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