Svetlana Ozerskaya

Svetlana Ozerskaya is a highly skilled puppet theatre director with an impressive artistic career. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts in 1999, where she studied puppet theatre direction and earned a red diploma. As a student, she began teaching acting at the junior level and went on to complete her postgraduate studies.
For over 20 years, Svetlana has been a senior acting instructor, sharing her knowledge and expertise with students.

Svetlana has directed numerous critically acclaimed puppet theatre performances, including "The Magic Flute," "The Adventures of Pinocchio," "Circus On Hand," and "Thumbelina," among others.
Svetlana's productions stand out for their excellent puppetry techniques, well-thought-out design, and captivating storytelling. Her passion and dedication to her craft have earned her numerous accolades.

Svetlana Ozerskaya often incorporates multimedia and video projection into her puppet theatre productions to enhance the visual and storytelling aspects of her shows. She is known for her innovative use of technology, and her shows often feature projections of animation, film, and live-action footage.
Svetlana's use of multimedia in her shows is not only visually stunning but also enhances the storytelling aspect of her productions. By using technology, she is able to create immersive and captivating worlds that engage and delight audiences.

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