The Incredible Adventures of Baron Munchausen
A one actor kids performance using video, animation, puppets and shadow theatre techniques to tell the story of Baron Munchausen's incredible adventures. Viewers can take part in the story telling by choosing where to sail with the baron - North or South, and it will affect the ending.
Runtime: 45 minutes
Language: English
Ages: best for ages 4-12, but the age recommendation is just a suggestion
Something special: at the end of the show kids will receive an envelope containing a personalized piece of advice from the Baron!
People don't believe my stories... It's because I love to travel and am always looking for adventure! It's not my fault that the strange things happen to me that have never happened to anyone else.
— Baron Munchausen
What if I grab the wolf from the inside by the tail and pulled him inside out like a mitten!

Baron Munchausen
Phony Baron or The Greatest Dreamer
This family-friendly play is a multimedia retelling of the classic tale of Baron Munchausen–a fictional figure prone to fabricating larger-than-life stories from his adventure-filled life.

Who is Munchausen - "phony baron" or "the most truthful person on earth"? Where is the line between truth and fiction? But is it really that important when you set off on a journey with the most resourceful, courageous and witty traveler who can even take you to the moon!
You’ll need to bring your imagination with you, or you won’t be able to see the scary wolf that the baron faced in the snowy Canadian fields, the African lion or the northern bear. Moreover, the baron won’t be able to get to the moon without your help.

The performance uses video and animation, as well as shadow theatre techniques. Little travellers can choose for themselves where to sail with the baron - North or South, and it will affect the story.
Brand New Experience
As the Baron guides his audience through the story, he encourages them to be creative when facing challenges of their own and leaves them confident in their abilities to find a way out of difficult situations. The children become more than passive viewers: they learn that their opinion matters, and they can truly influence how the story unfolds. The Incredible Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a captivating and heartfelt performance that will leave the family amused and inspired by the magic of storytelling.
Munchausen's Team
  • Andrey Zaporozskiy
    Production Designer
  • Grigory Katsenelson
    Actor (May 2023)

  • Evan Sokolowski
    Actor (August 2023)

  • Ivan Maleikov
    Lighting Designer / Stage Manager
  • Catherine Maleikova
  • Text Adaptation
I'm always ready to come to the rescue of each of you. I'm the bravest and the cleverest person on Earth! If you find yourself in a difficult, even hopeless situation in your travels, just dream me up! I will help you.

— Baron Munchausen
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